Located in both Sudbury and Dublin Ontario!

I'm Rebecca Savignac and I was born into the wonderful world of dogs.  My parents were breeders of Dobermans and Miniature Schnauzers under the "Mocashon" prefix for over 30 years.

Our family spent our weekends at dog shows, and I started  showing in pee wee handling at the age of 3.  As I grew so did my love for the sport.

The  first Corgi I met was a beautiful sable dog named "Hopper" who became one of my favorite junior dogs to show.  I acquired my first Corgi in 1990, and the breed has been a part of my life ever since. 

Dogs are my passion and my life! 

I have also worked for years as a professional handler.  In recent years I have slowed down to raise my family. 

I'm now a full time professional groomer, still showing and raising my dogs.

Since 2008 I have been good friends with another Corgi breeder, Kelly Ryan, who has since partnered with me in Becen Corgi's. 

While she was raised with horses, she is a long time Corgi addict and has been
breeding Corgi's since 2003. 

She has a background in veterinary care and is a veritable font of information on just
about any dog related subject. 
If she doesn't know the answer to something she will research until she finds the answer!

While I live outside Sudbury, Kelly lives on a quiet farm outside Dublin.

Together we continue the tradition of raising beautiful
"Big dog in a small package"
Pembroke Welsh Corgi's!

We have also begun a new chapter by adding our second breed! 
In 2013 we finally took the next step when we acquired our first Australian Shepherd and are very excited for our future in this breed.

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